Beating depression, really

I doing well. Yes, well. 

Its why I haven’t blogged in nearly a month, suddenly life is going more smoothly.

How? What is the answer? What did I do to achieve this? Therapy?

Drugs. Really. The two medications that have been life changing, Seroquel XR and Nuvigil.

Seroquel takes me out of the constant state of mild panic that has been my life. Nuvigil gives me a bit of a boost, this helps fight the lethargy caused by the Seroquel. But it also does more, it enables me to live in the moment more. 

Being present is the key to happiness.

Every psychiatric visit I complete a depression evaluation. Moderate, last week I was within the range of moderate depression. The lowest I have ever been. Always been severe, usually towards the top of even that, once scoring over the serve depression category.

Answers? None. All I have to offer is my experience. 

I thought I was blogging for others, I mean, I knew it was for me, but I also wanted to share my experiences. I know others struggle. Judging by the view count on months I don’t belong, a few hundred, this blog was mostly for me. That is okay, I think.

Not sure how often I’ll be blogging. But I still haven’t conquered this yet. I’m just closer then I’ve ever been.

Beating depression, really

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