Take more nuvigil, take more

menuThis morning I took my prescribed 200mg of Nuvigil. The last two days I took 275mg, I split the last 150mg I had left.

After about an hour, I caved. Why? I am weak. I guess. Guilt, I feel some, but I also feel justified. I split a 200mg pill into four and then took an extra 50mg of Nuvigil.

It helps, more helps more. Is there an end to that? Unlikely. I’ll probably always want more… which is of course, problematic.

For now I am justifying it because it seems like that we will increase my dose to the maximum of 250mg at my next visit. Nuvigil is also unlikely to build up tolerance. Well, at least within the first few years. There are studies of up to three years that did not find much of a tolerance build up.

The start of the dose is always the best. I feel good. Yes, good. Not just content. So, it is a mild high, I guess. But it just makes my entire day so much more bearable. And if tolerance is unlikely, maybe this mild “high” is something I will get daily once increased to 250mg.

There is a drop off about four hours in, then it seems like a stronger release at six hours and a final strong release eight or nine hours it. Nuvigil is much more smooth than Vyvanse, but not as perfect as I hoped. Ha. Of course, I am depressed, part of that is never being satisfied.

Once again, I am writing a blog at the peak of Nuvigil releasing, it is the easiest time to accomplish tasks. Sigh. I do wish I didn’t have the constant nagging to cheat, to take more.

Oh well, that is a problem for tomorrow. I’m off to enjoy my Labor Day, I hope.

Current Medication: Nuvigil 200mg, Lamictal 200mg, Pristiq 100mg, Seroquel XR 100mg, Trazadone 50mg, Strattera 80mg

Take more nuvigil, take more

2 thoughts on “Take more nuvigil, take more

  1. Is it possible for them to give you smaller, more frequent doses throughout the day to keep you more even? They did this with my sister and her Lamictal (I think). They found she did better taking it multiple times a day instead of once or twice a day. Doing it that way prevented the spike and drop she was experiencing and it stabilized her better. I realize it’s not the same kind of med we’re taking about here but the experience and complaint is the same. By avoiding the extreme lows in your blood levels in theory there wouldn’t be a nagging need to cheat. Additionally you would have a consistent mood to work with throughout the day. It’s worth discussing with your doctor because crashing every day mid-day like that is very discouraging.

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    1. You know, I’ve wondered the same thing. My doctor knows I fall off the wagon sometimes, she knows that sometimes it is best to call my partner and have him give me one pill each morning. Taking more doses is a possibility, first I want to know what the dose increase feels like, of course. Thankfully, I have an open dialogue with my doctor. It’s nice to know someone else sees the potential in multiple doses. Thanks for your perspective!

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