Before Vyvanse starts to fade

Four hours ago I took Vyvanse. It is how I am writing this right now. Vyvanse is at its peak.

This is when I have desire. At about six hours, gone. I’ve been on Pristiq 100mg for a fifteen days now, I think it is helping. I don’t seem as low in the evenings.

Life is best from hour two to hour five of Vyvanse. It is when I feel the most alive.

I took Adderall for four years, heavily abusing it the last few months I was on it.

Am I ever going to feel normal? Am I ever going to feel as if I have desires not during the peak of Vyvanse?

Honestly, I am not sure. Maybe I became so use to the Adderall that my body doesn’t feel right without it.

Maybe stimulants are just a god send for me, they clear my mind in a way that nothing else has. Sigh.

Oh well. I need to post this and head to the gym .

Before Vyvanse starts to fade

5 thoughts on “Before Vyvanse starts to fade

  1. I too am on Pristiq. I take 100mg every morning and 50mg at night. It’s pulled me from the depression but not the chaos in my head. I tested positive for adult ADHD recently. We’re going to try short acting Adderall at first and slowly advance to Vyvanse and see if it works. I think the peak you’re having would be good to discuss with your doctor. We all metabolize medications differently and my psychiatrist did a oral swab test to see how I metabolize all the different medications which has been helpful in my treatment. Good luck to you!

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  2. ceponatia says:

    That’s strange, if Vyvanse only lasts four or five hours you would think that they’d tell you to take it a couple of times a day… I don’t know much about it, personally. I’ve only ever taken Ritalin, Paxil, and Prozac.

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  3. Vyvanse sounds amazing, but why such a short term effect? It’s like smoking weed. Basically does the same as the 25mg of Lamictal and something of Buspar that I’m on, without the pain inside my brain.
    I relate too much to this post. Thanks for your blog. Helps to know there’s others out there.


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