Fuck Group Therapy

Another blog I hope to read to my psychiatrist. She won’t have time for me to read all this shit. I am desperate for more of an interpersonal connection, not exactly what a psychiatrist is for, I guess.

As a doctor, I am fully aware that you are far more knowledge about my various disorders/struggling/general patheticness. 

However, Ive been in the trenches for over two decades now, attempting to control and conifer my severe emotional lows. In short, I am knowledge of me.
Group therapy is a disaster for me as a human. It is.

Everyone has a suicide attempt, most multiple. Out of eight people, one who shares daily announced her struggle to not hurt other people. She stated she feels like she will have to in order to get access to the meds she actually needs. The counselor agreed that not getting medication can be frustrating.

Wait, what? This woman states she might assault others and the therapist identifies and validates part of the emotional driver for that… Christ.

Most participants have panic attacks, don’t worry, they take Klonopin instead of working through it themselves. Most don’t have stable jobs, let alone careers.

I love the idea of suicide. I relish it. It is a cudgel that I use harm myself whenever I feel down. Regardless, I will never have a suicide attempt. Never have I considered hurting anyone other then myself. I don’t have panic attacks and I am not prescribed addictive medication.

All of this is going to make me sound like an egotistic asshole, but I need to be blunt. 

Everyone there is an idiot. An hour and a half lesson included a single worksheet and a lot of being talked at. I am better then these people. My IQ is in the top 10%, I can recognize an idiot. Two people there over 50%, the councilor is low — for real.

On the first day, you, as my psychiatrist said I needed to find a therapist who could match me intellectually. Why would this be different from group therapy?

Therapy is divided into two parts ninety minute parts. First all members update the group on their day, the worthless councilor asks questions like, “How did that make you feel,” “Emotionaly, was there an impact” and “What mood did this lead too?” These three were asked to each group member. I remember them because — they are the exact same God damn fucking question. You stupid worthless bitch. You are suppose to be helping me. Hello more hopelessness.

The lesson? Eight suggestions on how to fall asleep. Six of the eight group members furiously scribbled notes about the presented material. I sat disappointed that the councilors think so little of me. However, this material is relevant to much of the group.

The eight magic suggestions to fall asleep?

  1. Try reading
  2. Move, try sleeping on the couch
  3. Move, read somewhere else, then back to bed
  4. Count down from a large number
  5. Use various meditation techniques
  6. No phones, bright screens a half-hour before bed
  7. Listen to an audiobook
  8. Take a warm shower or bath

Really. I get five hours of sleep on a good night, have since 7th grade. Really.

What is wrong with my group? How can you be so helpless. How in the flying fuck do they not know all of these? Read a fucking book, what a valuable tip, thanks group therapy. Fuck.

Group therapy is to build identity. I do not and will not identify with people who have multiple suicide attempts, struggle not to hurt others and never thought of counting down or reading on sleepless nights. These are not my people. If they are, Christ, I should go ahead and give up and fucking paint my living room walls with a gun and my brain matter.

I can force myself to go to group therapy, I can. But I know me. It is not right for me. It is harmful. You will be angry. I know. You can send me back to work if you must, that would be less determental. Although, I am not fully functional, it’d harm my career, it would hurt me, but not like group therapy. I am taking every individual therapy appointment I can get, next week I have three.

You are an expert. I am so grateful to have you looking out for me. But, group therapy is not the right choice for me.

Fuck Group Therapy

7 thoughts on “Fuck Group Therapy

  1. revinfinitelypink says:

    This is pretty much why I don’t go to group therapy. It makes me feel like banging my head on the wall.
    Plus as a someone trained in social work I have terrible fears that I will run into clients. Or frankly I just default to helping direct others when the person leading the group is incompetent.
    It is worthless.

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  2. I’ve found support groups to be much more helpful than group therapy. At least with a support group there is no lesson. You talk about what you want and I always manage to tell people (however so politely and inconspicuously) when they’re idiots. I don’t know where you live and if that’s a viable option, though.

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  3. tracihalpin says:

    First, thank you for being so real and raw in sharing your experience with your group. It sounds like a circus. I did group therapy for 8 months and it really helped me with my interpersonal skills and learning how to confront people and situations. We sat in a circle for 2 hours. The dr was like a facilitator and we ran the group. It was really good. I’m sorry yours was shitty. Maybe you could find a different one. I hope you find something that works for you.

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      1. tracihalpin says:

        That sounds like the problem. Yes, he was a psychiatrist. I started looking on the internet and I found someone an hour away. I checked her out, and she said it was too far and suggested my group. I called him and he spoke to me for an hour. He told me this is not a support group; it is a therapy group, which is exactly what I wanted. I worked so hard in that group. The group helped me and confronted me and I them. Basically, we called each other out on our shit. It was one of the best parts of my recovery. Maybe you can find a new one.

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  4. Robin says:

    I can identify with the group problem. I won’t go. The times I did go my reaction was just like yours. My counselor is retiring. This is bad because now I have to find one at least as smart as I am? Ego? Nope. Don’t think so. I agree with you on this too. Know you have people who understand and agree with you.


  5. I can relate to this too. I feel uncomfortable sharing in a group and can become distracted by others just as I do in my life and avoid myself during the one time I’m supposed to be focusing inwards. I now have one on one psychodynamic psychotherapy and I find it incredibly useful – its all about the relationship that develops between you and your therapist. It sounds like something you might be looking for.

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