Uber, drinks, town, fuck.

In an Uber headed to drinks then laser tag. Dan is with me and we even took a shot before we ubered.

Dan doesn’t drink much, thankfully he is tonight. I didn’t used to drink this much. Actually, I didn’t take my first drink until five years ago. God.

It should be fun. No, it will be. I’ll keep myself drinking so I stay happy and interesting.

Be happy or go home. That used to be a rule I had, I went home a lot. Nobody wants to be around a sad person. You gotta fake it until you make it. 

I failed to make it. And each time I tore myself apart for being sad. Not choosing to be happy.

Being raised in a good conservative Christian home, I know that people who have to drink to  have fun are the devil. God hates those heavy drinkers.

Good thing I’m a faggot. God has always hated me.

Now it is time to drink that all way. Be happy or go home.

Drink. Fuck you. Alcoholic. Weak. Shit. Fuck. 

Uber, drinks, town, fuck.

One thought on “Uber, drinks, town, fuck.

  1. Happiness in not a choice. It’s all biological ‘n stuff. Be careful the drink though, no judgment, not do I believe in god, just speaking from experience – mostly makes things worse…. like blackouts and other nasty stuff humans do to one another. Take care with yourself


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