Not Sure

The day, Wednesday, how was it?

I’m struggling to condense the day into a simple coherent blog post. I’m not entirely sure how the day was. There were several different moods. 

And I am unaware of any algebraic theorem to process weigh and compare the moods to reach some standard end product on the quality of the last 24 hours.

Drugs further complicate understanding my overall mood. Happy? Lamictal. Or Effexor?Sad? Bipolar, took Lamictal too late. Or not enough sleep. Or am I just “normal” sad? Focused? Adderall. Anxious? Too much Adderall. Depressed, scared, energetic….

Mood overall? Stop asking such difficult questions. Don’t you know that even a slight amount of stress has been triggering severe depressive lows lately? Yeah, so my Wednesday. Ummm.

 Not sure.


Not Sure

3 thoughts on “Not Sure

  1. It’s always hard to tell what is causing the moods. Especially with a new, fresh diagnosis. It always helps to keep a mood chart where you can track your moods and triggers. I know its difficult, but hang in there. You’re not alone


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